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We do not only provide excellent, top of the line, superb quality certified translations, we are also proud of our customer service.

We know that you do not order a translation every day and the process may seem a little confusing. When you contact us by phone or email you can talk or write in Hebrew or Spanish or English. If you have any more questions do not hesitate to call and ask - We are ready to answer any question you may have.

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certified translation,how to order a translation,how to pay for a translation
certified translation,how to order a translation,how to pay for a translation certified translation,how to order a translation,how to pay for a translation

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a short list of common questions about certified translations in general. If you do not find the answer to your question in the list below, you can contact us for more clarification. Our representatives are ready to answer any questions you may have.

A Certified Translation is a translation done by a professional translator, which includes an affidavit of accuracy signed by the translator.

An "Affidavit of Accuracy" is a statement signed by the translator, in which the translator certifies that he is capable, proficient and has the knowledge to perform the translation. The statement is placed on the agency letterhead, signed and stamped with the agency's stamp and seal.

This type of question you should ask the entity to which you are about to submit your translation. Having a statement of accuracy notarized is often sufficient for many document types (e.g., a marriage certificate). Still, check with the requesting party to be sure.

Yes. We can provide a notary signature on all the translations. In fact, we charge only $15 for a signature, and if you are not sure whether you need a notarization or not, nothing can happen if the translation does include a notary signature.

The certified translation is composed of three parts: the Affidavit of Accuracy, the translation and the original that we have received from you for translation. All three parts are placed in our letterhead, signed by the translator and bear our embossed seal. The certified translation is given a special serial number for identification.

We have many years of experience providing certified translations for official entities, USCIS (formerly INS), colleges, universities, employment and other governmental and private institutions. We know the standards and follow them. We guarantee 100% acceptance.

We are members in good standing order of ATA - American Translators Association

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